string (field name)



Field name, which contains the thumbnail image used to represent the record visually whenever it is shown in FormEngine as a foreign reference selectable from a selector box.

This field must be a File field where icon files are selected. Since only the first icon file will be used, the Properties option should be used to allow only selecting a single icon file.

You should consider this a feature where you can attach an "icon" to a record which is typically selected as a reference in other records, for example a "category". In such a case this field points out the icon image which will then be shown. This feature can thus enrich the visual experience of selecting the relation in other forms.


Select foreign records from a drop-down using selicon


The table tx_styleguide_elements_select_single_12_foreign is defined as follows:

   'ctrl' => [
      'title' => 'Form engine elements - select foreign single_12',
      'label' => 'fal_1',
      'selicon_field' => 'fal_1',
      // ...

   'columns' => [
      // ...
      'fal_1' => [
         'label' => 'fal_1 selicon_field',
         'config' => \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ExtensionManagementUtility::getFileFieldTCAConfig(
               'maxitems' => 1,
   // ...


It can be used in another table as a foreign relation, for example in a field with render type singleSelect:

.. include:: /CodeSnippets/SelectSingle12.rst.txt

You can find this example in the extension styleguide.