string (field name)
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Changed in version 13.3

Column name, by convention l10n_diffsource, which will be updated with the value of the original language record whenever the translation record is updated. This information is later used to compare the current values of the default record with those stored in this field. If they differ, there will be a display in the form of the difference visually. This is a big help for translators so they can quickly grasp the changes that happened to the default language text.

The column in the database is auto created. If you ever override it, it should be at least a large text field (clob/blob). If you do not define the field in the file ext_tables.sql it is automatically created with the correct type.

The column definition is auto-created. If it is overridden it must still be of type Pass through / virtual field.

Example: Display changes in from the original language

Header field showing values from two other languages

Header field showing values from two other languages


return [
    'ctrl' => [
        'transOrigPointerField' => 'l10n_parent',
        'transOrigDiffSourceField' => 'l10n_diffsource',
        'languageField' => 'sys_language_uid',
        'translationSource' => 'l10n_source',
        // ...
    'palettes' => [
        'language' => [
            'showitem' => '
    'types' => [
        0 => [
            'showitem' => '