Changing The Backend Language

By default, TYPO3s backend is set to English with no additional languages available.

To install an additional language pack and have it set as the default backend language for your user account:

  • Admin Tools > Maintenance > Manage Languages Packs

Manage language packs

Open the backend language administration module

  • Select "Add Language" and "Activate" the new language

Add a language

Add the desired language

A language has been added
  • Toolbar (top right) > User Avatar > User Settings

  • Language > Select the new language > Save > Reload the browser


Changing the current user's interface language

Note, this change only applies to your account.

Change The Backend Language Of Another User

  • System > Backend Users


Backend User Listing

  • Select the user

  • User Interface Language > Select New language


Change interface language for a backend user