Directory structure

The directory structure of the project is as follows:

├── .ddev
├── .github
│   ├── workflows
│   │   ├── main.yml
│   │   ├── phar.yml
│   │   ├── docker.yml
├── bin
├── Documentation
├── packages
│   ├── typo3-docs-theme
│   ├── typo3-guides-extension
│   ├── typo3-guides-cli
├── tests
│   ├── Integration
├── tools

The .ddev/ directory contains the configuration for the local development environment for people using DDEV.

The .github/ directory contains the configuration for the GitHub workflows. They are triggered by pull requests and pushes to the main branch. The main workflow contains the quality assurance steps. The phar workflow builds the phar file on release and nightly builds. Same applies for the Docker workflow on the docker side.

The bin/ directory contains the executable scripts for the project. The file in there is needed for the phar build.

The packages/ directory contains the TYPO3-specific extensions. The typo3-docs-theme extension contains the theme for the documentation, and TYPO3-specific directives. The typo3-guides-extension extension contains extensions on the base tool. This are customizations to make the tool fit the TYPO3 documentation needs. The typo3-guides-cli package is a collection of Symfony Commands for tasks like conversion or linting.

The tests/ directory contains the tests for the project. The integration tests are located in the Integration/ directory. During the integration tests the tool is executed as it was run by the user.

The tools/ directory contains the tools needed for the project. Like scripts to build the phar file or adapt GIT hooks.

The Documentation/ directory holds the documentation you are now reading. It is the default documentation being build by the project, too.

The Dockerfile and files provide the Docker container support for the project.

The Makefile contains a list of all supported development commands and tasks that can be executed. All of them can also be executed with a composer wrapper script (composer make ...).