Formats an object implementing DateTimeInterface.




1980-12-13 (depending on the current date)

Custom date format:

< format="H:i">{dateObject}</>

01:23 (depending on the current time)

Relative date with given time:

< format="Y" base="{dateObject}">-1 year</>

2016 (assuming dateObject is in 2017)

strtotime string:

< format="d.m.Y - H:i:s">+1 week 2 days 4 hours 2 seconds</>

13.12.1980 - 21:03:42 (depending on the current time, see

Localized dates using strftime date format:

< format="%d. %B %Y">{dateObject}</>

13. Dezember 1980 (depending on the current date and defined locale. In the example you see the 1980-12-13 in a german locale)

Inline notation:

{ dateObject)}

1980-12-13 (depending on the value of {dateObject})

Inline notation (2nd variant):

{dateObject ->}

1980-12-13 (depending on the value of {dateObject})


date (anySimpleType)

Either an object implementing DateTimeInterface or a string that is accepted by DateTime constructor

format (string)

Format String which is taken to format the Date/Time

base (anySimpleType)

A base time (an object implementing DateTimeInterface or a string) used if $date is a relative date specification. Defaults to current time.