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ViewHelper to disable template compiling

Inserting this ViewHelper at any point in the template, including inside conditions which do not get rendered, will forcibly disable the caching/compiling of the full template file to a PHP class.

Use this if for whatever reason your platform is unable to create or load PHP classes (for example on read-only file systems or when using an incompatible default cache backend).

Passes through anything you place inside the ViewHelper, so can safely be used as container tag, as self-closing or with inline syntax - all with the same result.

= Examples =

<code title="Self-closing"> <f:cache.disable /> </code>

<code title="Inline mode"> {f:cache.disable()} </code>

<code title="Container tag"> <f:cache.disable>

Some output or Fluid code

</f:cache.disble> Additional output is also not compilable because of the ViewHelper </code>


This ViewHelper has no arguments.