The most important configuration settings can be done through the settings of a plugin.

Because of using Extbase every setting can also be done by using typoscript but remember that the settings of the plugin always override the ones from typoscript.

Tab “Options”

Property: View: Description: Key:
What to display All

Selection of view:

  • Operations: List and single single view of operations
  • Vehciles: Shows the single view of used vehicle
  • Resources: Shows the single view of used resource
Storage folder All Sysfolder where are the data sets persistence.storagePid
Items per page Operations How many items will showing in list view. When pagination is hide is this the limit for the complete result. settings.itemsPerPage
Max chars of teaser text in list view Operations Maximum length of teaser Text in list view. settings.cropTeaser
Hide pagination Operations Hide the pagination and show the whole in one list. Default Limit for whole list is 200. settings.hidePagination
Hide filter for result Operations Hide the form to filter the list by years (more selection can be added in future) settings.hideFilter
Show list of operations on a map Operations Show the listed result in frontend on a google map. settings.showMap

Tab “Image options”

Property: View: Description: Key:
Thumbnail in list view Operations Show the first image of item as thumbnail in list settings.showImgInList
Image dimension in list/single view All Set image dimensions for list and single view if you like. settings.listImgWidth settings.listImgHeight settings.singleImgWidth settings.singleImgHeight

Tab “Template Options”

Property: View: Description: Key:
Template layout selector All

Set items in Page TS-Config before using

tx_operations.templateLayouts {
    key = value