What does it do?

The extension were written to manage firefighter operations with information of used vehicles, recources and other things they are needed for full reports. Of course this extension can be used for other institutions like THW, police, security agencys or other reportable events.

Since version 1.0.6 a google map view for the operation locations was added. In single view a little map is automatically shown and for the list of all operations on a bigger map you have to activate a checkbox in the plugin flexform.

You can set filter in list view by year and since version 1.2.0 also by type of operation.

Furthermore i’m going to integrate an archive view and detailed statistics for the operations.

The only thing i need to do all these fine things is a little bit more time ;-).


I hope you have fun with this extension. If you have helpful suggestions or ideas, feel free to write an e-mail or open an issue on forge.typo3.org.

I think about a little list here in manual with sites that are using operation on it. You like this? Write an email with your site url and a (very) little description for what part of your site you are using operations.

A link to the extension in TER (on imprint or whatever) is helpful for propagation operations.