What does it do?

The extension enables you to show tt_address locations in responsive Google maps. You can do a radial search for locations and display them in a list and a responsive Google map with Google infoWindows. The extension is based on multiple plugins. This way you can use more than one plugin of the extension on the same page. A single view of the location is implemented too, this can be used to display just a Google map without doing a search when the locationUid is given in the constant editor of TYPO3.

Within the Ajaxsearch you can show all address-POIs of a country if you leave the address field empty and select the country of your choice.

What’s new?

New mapIcon handling

The directories fileadmin/ext/myttaddressmap/Resources/Public/Icons are created if they don’t exist. Insert here your mapIcons. When updating and if you used your own mapIcons, you have to copy your mapIcons to the created directory and reassign your tt_address records with your mapIcons. These icons can then be selected in the tt_address record (Mapicon).


Search form

Search form

Search result with Google map

Search Result

MyTTAddressMap (Map) result

Ajax Search Result

MyTTAddressMap (Map) result with Retro theme

Ajax Search Result Retro Theme