MatchedLanguage Aspect

The results of the language matching in the middleware is stored in an Aspect, using the TYPO3 Context API. It contains the matched language as SiteLanguage object (see PHP API: accessing site configuration), or null if there was no match.

The MatchedLanguage Aspect accepts two kinds of properties:

  1. Results of the language matching process.
  2. Some properties of the SiteLanguage object. That’s why a matched language must be present (as long as the properties are accessed through the official API [$context->getPropertyFromAspect()], there are no errors to expect if no SiteLanguage object exists).
Property Description Matched language required
exists Is true when a matched language exists No
equalsCurrentLanguage Is true when the matched language equals the current SiteLanguage No
canBeRequested Is true when the current page can be requested in the matchedLanguage No
id SiteLanguage::getLanguageId() Yes
hreflang SiteLanguage::getHreflang() Yes
twoLetterIsoCode SiteLanguage::getTwoLetterIsoCode() Yes
title SiteLanguage::getTitle() Yes
navigationTitle SiteLanguage::getNavigationTitle() Yes

PHP Example

$context = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(Context::class);

// Check if a link to another language version of the page should be presented
$presentLinkToOtherLanguage = $context->getPropertyFromAspect('matchedLanguage', 'canBeRequested')
  && !$context->getPropertyFromAspect('matchedLanguage', 'equalsCurrentLanguage');

if ($presentLinkToOtherLanguage) {
    // Retrieve the navigationTitle of the matched language
    $linkText = $context->getPropertyFromAspect('matchedLanguage', 'navigationTitle');