ameos_filemanager needs a little more than a simple installation.

Typoscript inclusion

ameos_filemanager need to include Static TypoScript for run properly.

Typoscript Configuration

There are two static template

  • File Manager > Default : this one is mandatory


For each of your storage system, you must run the cli script :

typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 filemanager:index --storage=STORAGE_ID

For the default storage (e.g. fileadmin), this is automaticly launch during extension activation.

Once the initiation is over, you can place the plugin “Frontend File Manager” in any page of your website.

Typoscript Configuration

Many typoscript constants are available :

Option Informations
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.iconFolder Icon folder path. The icon’s file must have a name with the pattern : icon_(file_extension).png
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.parseFolderInFE If value is 1 : the files are indexed when browsing folders (FE side). Use it if file can be uploaded without ameos_filemanager or the backend filelist. E.g. Upload by FTP
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.allowedFileExtension File extension allowed for upload. E.g. jpg,jpeg,tif,png,gif,pdf,docx,doc,xls,xlsx,csv,odt,ppt,ods,pptx
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.newFile.owner_has_read_access If value is 1 : when user upload a file, he has the read access
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.newFile.owner_has_write_access If value is 1 : when user upload a file, he has the write access
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.newFolder.owner_has_read_access If value is 1 : when user create a folder, he has the read access
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.newFolder.owner_has_write_access If value is 1 : when user create a folder, he has the write access
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.stockageGroupPid Storage folder that contains usergroups
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.includejQuery If value is 1 : include jQuery in the website
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.includeFontawesome If value is 1 : include fontawesome in the website
plugin.tx_ameosfilemanager.includeDefaultCss If value is 1 : include default ameos_filemanager css file