When no sorting is selected the search will order the results by "relevance". This relevance is calculated by many factors and has the goal to deliver the best result for the query on the first position. That's what you expect from a search :)

For some usecases you want to change the sorting of the results by a certain field. In an onlineshop a user might want to order the results by the price to find the cheapest product that is matching his query.

A simple sorting can be configured with the following TypoScript snipped: > {
        sorting = 1
        sorting {
                defaultOrder = asc

                options {
                        relevance {
                                field = relevance
                                label = Relevance

                        title {
                                field = sortTitle
                                label = Title

With the configuration above the possibility to sort by title is introduced. At the same time the sort by relevance link can be used to reset the sorting to sort by the natural Solr relevance.


Search with sorting


The rendering of the sorting is done on "Resources/Private/Partials/Results/Sorting.html" this partial is using the configuration and the view helpers to generate sorting links with the same behaviour as in ext:solr. For sure you can modifiy this template and use the ViewHelpers in the way how you want to implement your custom sorting.