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Release 12.0.3

This is a maintenance release for TYPO3 12.4 LTS, containing:

  • [BUGFIX] PHPStan 1.11+ by @dkd-kaehm in #4030

  • [BUGFIX] Allow fe_group modification when indexing subpage of restricted page by @deschilter in #3982

  • [TASK:P:main] Full fixed french translation by @megamisan in #3996

  • [TASK] Update all GitHub-Actions on main branch by @dkd-kaehm in #4028

  • [TASK] Remove deprecations for CI-Build by @dkd-kaehm in #4028

  • [BUGFIX] Debug output if response body is read once stream by @Kanti in #4009

  • [BUGFIX] Use tx-solr-suggest-focus for autofocus on form-submit by @felixranesberger in #4005

  • [FEATURE] Support stdWrap to resolve relation label field by @DanielSiepmann in #4021

  • [BUGFIX] Remove superfluous quotation marks in Partials/Result/FacetsActive.html by @julianhofmann in #4021

  • [TASK] Remove switchableControllerActions from TypoScript by @derhansen in #4015

  • [Internal] Collection of fixes recognized by SDS task by @dkd-kaehm in #3974

  • [BUGFIX] Prevent exception in queue module when no site can be determined by @pschriner in #3988

  • [FIX] Actions errors 2024.04.05 by @dkd-kaehm in #3994

  • [BUGFIX] column changed out of range by @ferfrost in #3980

  • [TASK] Update testing framework by @dkd-friedrich in #3992

  • [BUGFIX] Solves PHP Warning: Undefined array key "label". by @serens #3998

Release 12.0.2

This is a maintenance release for TYPO3 12.4 LTS, containing:

  • [BUGFIX] false as field value is not allowed by @dkd-kaehm in #3901

  • [FEATURE] send an event for suggest queries by @dmitryd in #3903

  • [TASK] Remove unused field 'cookie' in tx_solr_statistics by @derhansen in #3893

  • [BUGFIX] Unit tests missing mock of EventDispatcher for AfterSuggestQueryHasBeenPreparedEvent by @dkd-kaehm in #3910

  • [BUGFIX] Resolve custom partialName in hierarchy facet by @tillhoerner in #3908

  • [BUGFIX] Fix #3896: adjust paths in jquery-ui.custom.css by @dmitryd in #3906

  • [BUGFIX] Broken IndexQueueModule.css asset path in backend by @DanielSiepmann in #3898

  • [FEATURE] Improve BeforeSearchResultIsShownEvent by @georgringer in #3915

  • [BUGFIX] 'AfterFacetIsParsedEvent' was never dispatched by @dkd-kaehm in #3921

  • [BUGFIX] update acces to backend user modules by @mhirdes in #3924

  • [DOC] Add infos about adding own field processors by @kitzberger in #3930

  • [BUGFIX] Ensure method return value of root-page-UID is an integer by @dkd-kaehm in #3929

  • [BUGFIX] Fix #3916: exception in CLI mode when using suggest TS example by @dmitryd in #3917

  • [BUGFIX] Prevent exception in AccessComponent by @dkd-friedrich in #3945

  • [TASK] Describe issues with Colima as Docker provider by @sorenmalling in #3950

  • [TASK] Provide encryptionKey in unit tests by @dkd-friedrich in #3959

  • [DOCS] Make values of faceting.urlParameterStyle more clear by @linawolf in #3951

  • [BUGFIX] Handle if some tags are upper-case and strict-comparison by @thomashohn in #3941

  • [FEATURE] Power up for magic filter __pageSections by @kitzberger in #3937

  • [TASK] Add content stream check by @dkd-friedrich in #3967

  • [TASK] Support several Apache Solr versions by @dkd-friedrich in #3956

  • [RELEASE] 12.0.2

Release 12.0.1

This is a maintenance release for TYPO3 12.4 LTS, containing:

Note: This release requires the database schema update, due of database schema change from pull-request #3881

Release 12.0.0

We are happy to release EXT:solr 12.0.0. The focus of this release has been on TYPO3 12 LTS compatibility.

Please note that we require at least TYPO3 12.4.3, as this version contains some change concerning to Fluid.

New in this release

Support of TYPO3 12 LTS

With EXT:solr 12.0 we provide the support of TYPO3 12 LTS.

!!! Upgrade to Apache Solr 9.3.0

This release requires Apache Solr v 9.3.0+.


On third party installations enabling stream feature via the ENV vars or system properties is required.

Following variables must be set in file or in Solr system props:



For more information see:

Reworked Search Query Component System

The Search Component system, which is used to enrich the search query (e.g. by faceting, boosting, debug analysis), has been completely reworked by utilizing the PSR-14 event system.

At the same time the Search Query Modifiers have been merged into the Query Component systems.

All built-in components are now reworked and utilize the ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Search\AfterSearchQueryHasBeenPreparedEvent PSR-14 event.

The interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Search\SearchRequestAware has been removed.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['modifySearchQuery'] and the interfaces ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Query\Modifier as well as ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Search\QueryAware and ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Search\SearchAware have been removed. The modifiers have been merged into Components.

Registration does not happen in ext_localconf.php anymore via ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Search\SearchComponentManager which has been removed, but now happens in Configuration/Services.yaml as documented in TYPO3 Core's PSR-14 Registration API.

Related hooks around this system have been moved to PSR-14 events as well:

  • $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['beforeSearch'] has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Search\AfterInitialSearchResultSetHasBeenCreatedEvent

  • $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['afterSearch'] has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Search\AfterSearchHasBeenExecutedEvent

SignalSlots replaced by PSR-14 events

The previously available Extbase Signals have been removed from EXT:solr in favor of PSR-14 Events.

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Index\IndexService::beforeIndexItems has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\BeforeItemsAreIndexedEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Index\IndexService::beforeIndexItem has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\BeforeItemIsIndexedEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Index\IndexService::afterIndexItem has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\AfterItemHasBeenIndexedEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Index\IndexService::afterIndexItems has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\AfterItemsHaveBeenIndexedEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Domain\Search\ResultSet\Facets\OptionBased\Options\OptionFacetParser::optionsParsed has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Parser\AfterFacetIsParsedEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Controller\SearchController::resultsAction has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Search\BeforeSearchResultIsShownEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Controller\SearchController::formAction has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Search\BeforeSearchFormIsShownEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Controller\SearchController::frequentlySearchedAction has been replaced by ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Search\AfterFrequentlySearchHasBeenExecutedEvent

  • The signal ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Controller\SearchController::beforeSearch has been removed (see the new PSR-14 events below)

Hooks replaced by PSR-14 events

The previously available hooks and their respective interfaces have been removed from EXT:solr.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['Indexer']['indexPageAddDocuments'] and its interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\AdditionalPageIndexer are now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\BeforePageDocumentIsProcessedForIndexingEvent.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['modifyVariantId'] and its interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Variants\IdModifier are now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Variants\AfterVariantIdWasBuiltEvent.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['IndexQueueIndexer']['preAddModifyDocuments'] and its interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\PageIndexerDocumentsModifier are now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\BeforeDocumentIsProcessedForIndexingEvent.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['IndexQueueIndexer']['indexItemAddDocuments'] and its interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\AdditionalIndexQueueItemIndexer are now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\BeforeDocumentsAreIndexedEvent.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['Indexer']['indexPageSubstitutePageDocument'] and its interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\SubstitutePageIndexer are now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\AfterPageDocumentIsCreatedForIndexingEvent.

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['postProcessIndexQueueInitialization'] and its interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\IndexQueue\InitializationPostProcessor are now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\IndexQueue\AfterIndexQueueHasBeenInitializedEvent

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['postProcessFetchRecordsForIndexQueueItem'] is now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\IndexQueue\AfterRecordsForIndexQueueItemsHaveBeenRetrievedEvent

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['IndexQueuePageIndexer']['dataUrlModifier'] and the according interface ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\IndexQueue\PageIndexerDataUrlModifier is now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\AfterFrontendPageUriForIndexingHasBeenGeneratedEvent

The hook $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['solr']['postProcessIndexQueueUpdateItem'] is now superseded by the PSR-14 event ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Indexing\AfterIndexQueueItemHasBeenMarkedForReindexingEvent

PSR-14 events renamed

Previous PSR-14 events have been renamed to be consistent with other PSR-14 Events in EXT:solr.

  • ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Routing\PostProcessUriEvent is now named ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Routing\AfterUriIsProcessedEvent

  • ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Routing\BeforeProcessCachedVariablesEvent is now named ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Routing\BeforeCachedVariablesAreProcessedEvent

  • ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Routing\BeforeReplaceVariableInCachedUrlEvent is now named ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\Event\Routing\BeforeVariableInCachedUrlAreReplacedEvent

!!! Shortcut pages not indexed anymore

Currently there is no important reason to index the shortcut pages, because the target pages are indexed as expected and the shortcuts are 307-redirected to their targets. So contents can be found in search results as expected.

!!! Deprecated Node class removed

Former EXT:solr versions used an own node implementation for Solr endpoints, this implementation (ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrSystemSolrNode) is now removed in favor of the Endpoint implementation of Solarium.

If you've used this class or the SolrConnection directly, you have to adapt your PHP code:

  • use SolariumCoreClientEndpoint instead of ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrSystemSolrNode

  • call ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrSystemSolrSolrConnection->getEndpoint() instead of ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrSystemSolrSolrConnectiongetNode(), method will return Solarium Endpoint

  • Node could be converted to string to get the core base URI, getCoreBaseUri() can be used instead.

Note: With dropping the Node implementation we also dropped the backwards compatibility that allows to define the Solr path segment "/solr" within "solr_path_read" or "solr_path_write". Be sure your configuration doesn't contain this path segment!

!!! Changed visibility of ApacheSolrForTypo3SolrIndexQueueFrontendHelperPageIndexer methods

For testing purposes some methods of the PageIndexer were defined as public, these methods are now protected. The tests are adapted accordingly, so that there is no need to declare the methods as public. If you have used one of this methods, you have to adapt your code. Affected methods:

  • setupConfiguration

  • index

  • indexPage

!!! Solr route enhancer disabled by default

EXT:solr offers the possibility to create speaking URLs for Solr facets, but as this feature requires additional configuration and costly processing this feature is now disabled by default.

If you've already used the route enhancer you must set option "enableRouteEnhancer":


Frontend Helper Changes

The FrontendHelper logic revolving around PageIndexer has been reduced to a minimum by only having two methods available:

  • ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\IndexQueue\FrontendHelper\FrontendHelper::activate() - used to register hooks and PSR-14 event listeners

  • ApacheSolrForTypo3\Solr\IndexQueue\FrontendHelper\FrontendHelper::deactivate(PageIndexerResponse $response) - used to populate data into the PageIndexerResponse object

The actual PageIndexerRequest object is now available as a property of TYPO3's Request object as attribute named "solr.pageIndexingInstructions".

!!!Complex query in FlexForm filter value

It is now possible to use complex query in FlexForm filter value. If the value contains space and no special characters, the value is always automatically escaped.

The old behaviour is still working, so if a string value contains space(s) and no special characters of the solr query parser, the string is always wrapped with double quotes. But if the string contains special characters no wrapping happen special characters are: + - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \

There is some cases where this change can break, for example if the filter value is something like toto AND tata or music (rock) or my "flow" is. Here the wrapping and the escaping of the inner double quote have to be manually updated like this "toto AND tata" or "music (rock)" and "my \"flow\" is".

All Changes


Like always this release would not have been possible without the help from our awesome community. Here are the contributors to this release.

(patches, comments, bug reports, reviews, ... in alphabetical order)

  • Achim Fritz

  • Albrecht Köhnlein

  • Alexander Nitsche

  • Andreas Kießling

  • André Buchmann

  • Bastien Lutz

  • Benni Mack

  • Benoit Chenu

  • Christoph Lehmann

  • Daniel Siepmann

  • Dmitry Dulepov

  • Elias Häußler

  • Eric Chavaillaz

  • Ernesto Baschny

  • Fabio Norbutat

  • Felix Ranesberger

  • ferfrost

  • Florian Rival

  • Georg Ringer

  • Harald Witt

  • Henrik Elsner

  • Ingo Fabbri

  • Jennifer Geiß

  • Julian Hofmann

  • Lars Tode

  • Lukas Niestroj

  • Marc Hirdes

  • Mario Lubenka

  • Markus Friedrich

  • Matthias Vogel

  • @n3amil / Cypelt

  • Oliver Bartsch

  • Patrick Schriner

  • Philipp Kitzberger

  • Pierrick Caillon

  • Rafael Kähm

  • René Maas

  • Roman Schilter

  • Sascha Nowak

  • Sascha Schieferdecker

  • Sebastian Schreiber

  • Silvia Bigler

  • Søren Malling

  • Stefan Frömken

  • Steve Lenz

  • Stämpfli Kommunikation

  • Sven Erens

  • Sven Teuber

  • Till Hörner

  • Tim Dreier

  • Tobias Hövelborn

  • Tobias Schmidt

  • Torben Hansen

  • @twojtylak

Also a big thank you to our partners who have already concluded one of our new development participation packages such as Apache Solr EB for TYPO3 12 LTS (Feature):

  • .hausformat

  • 711media websolutions GmbH

  • ACO Ahlmann SE & Co. KG

  • AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs GmbH

  • Ampack AG

  • Amt der Oö Landesregierung

  • Autorité des Marchés Financiers (Québec)

  • b13 GmbH

  • Beech IT

  • CARL von CHIARI GmbH

  • clickstorm GmbH Apache Solr EB für TYPO3 12 LTS (Feature)

  • Connecta AG

  • cosmoblonde GmbH

  • cron IT GmbH

  • CS2 AG

  • cyperfection GmbH



  • DP-Medsystems AG


  • Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach


  • F7 Media GmbH

  • FTI Touristik GmbH

  • gedacht

  • GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e. V.

  • HEAD acoustics GmbH

  • in2code GmbH

  • Internezzo


  • keeen GmbH


  • Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Rheinland-Pfalz

  • Kreis Euskirchen

  • L.N. Schaffrath DigitalMedien GmbH


  • Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing GmbH

  • Lingner Consulting New Media GmbH

  • Macaw Germany Cologne GmbH

  • Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH

  • mehrwert intermediale kommunikation GmbH

  • - Commande BDC_99143_202404081250

  • ochschule Furtwangen

  • pietzpluswild GmbH

  • plan2net GmbH

  • ProPotsdam GmbH

  • Qué Apache Solr EB für TYPO3 12 LTS (Feature)

  • Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG

  • Schoene neue kinder GmbH

  • Snowflake Productions GmbH Apache Solr EB für TYPO3 12 LTS (Feature)

  • Stadtverwaltung Villingen-Schwenningen

  • Stämpfli AG

  • studio ahoi - Weitenauer Schwardt GbR


  • Typoheads GmbH


  • Universität Regensburg


  • WACON Internet GmbH

  • webconsulting business services gmbh

  • werkraum Digitalmanufaktur GmbH

  • WIND Internet BV


  • wow! solution

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Apache Solr for TYPO3:

  • Submit bug reports and feature requests on GitHub

  • Ask or help or answer questions in our Slack channel

  • Provide patches through Pull Request or review and comment on existing Pull Requests

  • Go to or call dkd to sponsor the ongoing development of Apache Solr for TYPO3

Support us by becoming an EB partner:

or call:

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