FE File Tree

The fal_securedownload extension comes with a filetree plugin you can use to display your folders/files as a tree in the frondend with force-download links.


The default templates can be found like any other extbase/fluid based extension in:


If you want to override these you can set these constants:

plugin.tx_falsecuredownload {
  view {
    layoutRootPath = EXT:your_ext/path/to/your/layouts/folder
    partialRootPath = EXT:your_ext/path/to/your/partials/folder
    templateRootPath = EXT:your_ext/path/to/your/templates/folder

Collapsible FolderTree

There is a ready to use jQuery snippet available in the typoscript template of ext:fal_securedownload.

jQuery needs to be included in the FE for this to work.

The state of the collapsed folders is saved in the session of the user. When user is logged-in it is saved in the persisted session.