TypoScript to Backend Module

If you update this extension from a version lower than 3.3.0, you must follow these steps to get rid of obsolete TypoScript settings.

  1. Make your TypoScript available for the backend module

    The TypoScript settings of both plugin.tx_auth0.settings.roles and plugin.tx_auth0.settings.propertyMapping has to be available for the backend module. You can archive this by adding following lines of TypoScript at the bottom of your TypoScript template:

    module.tx_auth0.settings.roles < plugin.tx_auth0.settings.roles
    module.tx_auth0.settings.propertyMapping < plugin.tx_auth0.settings.propertyMapping
  2. Migrate the role mapping

    Navigate into the Auth0 backend module and click on the “configure” button in the “Roles to Groups” card. There should be an info box on top of the content. Click on the “Import configuration from TypoScript” button. After the page refreshed, the module will output the configuration migrated from you TypoScript.

    The backend module.

    View of the backend module.

  3. Migrate the property mapping

    Select the “Property Mapping” option of the select box on top of the page and proceed as described in 2.

  4. Unset your TypoScript

    Open your TypoScript template and unset the former configuration:

    plugin.tx_auth0.settings.roles >
    plugin.tx_auth0.settings.propertyMapping >

    Do not forget to remove the configuration you made in 1. Afterwards the info boxes in the backend module will disappear.