For Editors

Target group: Editors

Go to the Forms module and choose an existing form or create a new form.

Adding a country select element

To add a country select element on the form, click on the Create new element button at the bottom of the stage area. A modal window with the New element wizard opens:

New element wizard

Under the group Select elements you’ll find the form element Country select. Click on the element to add it to the form.

Configuration of the element

Now you can configure the country select element:

Element options
Enter the label which should be shown to the visitor.
An additional description can be added to show some more information about this form element to the visitor.
First option (empty value)
By default, the selection field with the countries has no empty option. You can enter a value here to add an empty option at the beginning of the country list (like the single select element).
Default value
If desired, insert here the alpha-2 code of the country you would like to be selected by default (e.g. DE for Germany).
Required field
If an option should be selected then activate this checkbox.