Target group: Contributors, Developers


The translation to other languages is done within the Crowdin service. It is appreciated to add missing or incomplete languages. Please navigate to the project home. If the language is not available please drop me a note and I will add it.


For now, the language files are integrated into a release of the extension. When the new translation structure (based on the translations within Crowdin) is in place, the language files (other than English) will be removed in favour of the new infrastructure.

Packaging of extension for TER

Set the new version in the files

  • ext_emconf.php
  • Documentation/Settings.cfg,

adjust the and tag the release. After pulling the tag, the packaging of the extension for the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) can be done with:

composer zip

This creates/replaces a file ../zip/ which is ready for upload to TER. x.y.z holds the recent version number.