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This extension provides a client for the Bexio API by extending the client from the package onlime/bexio-api-client.


Following these steps to use the client:

  1. Carry out the setup as outlined in the administration manual

  2. Authenticate the usage by loading the authentication url ( You will be redirected to the bexio authentication server.

  3. Get a client from the ApiService

    use Buepro\Bexio\Service\ApiService;
    // Get the ApiService with the GeneralUtility or by dependency injection
    $apiService = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(ApiService::class);
    // Initialize the service with the request and get a client
    $client = $apiService->initialize($serverRequest)->getClient();
    // Load the tokens obtained by the Bexio authentication server
  4. Use the client

    // @link
    use Bexio\Resource\Contact
    $bexioContact = new Contact($client);
    $contacts = $bexioContact->getContacts();


This extension requires a composer based installation.