In most cases the extension just needs to be installed (through the extension manager or composer) and no further action is required.

In case the templates should be altered or enhanced the static from extension called ‘Flux elements’ can be included. This will allow to define custom template paths through the constant editor.

In case the extension pizpalue is used the static Flux elements - Pizpalue can be included too. This will enable automatic width calculations for image rendering.


In case the site is using the extension pizpalue and the static Flux elements - Pizpalue is added the field Image scaling in the Image tab from the content elements should be reviewed. Since the image dimensions are now calculated automatically the default values might need to be restored.


Upon installing the extension for the first time the flux extension configuration will be altered. Please consult the extension configuration for more details.

Extend templates

In case the provided templates need to be adjusted additional template paths have to be configured. For this purpose the static template Flux elements can be added to the template record (Include static (from extensions)).


On installations using gridelements and flux_elements it might be needed to check the TCA entry from itemsProcFunc for the colPos field from tt_content in the configuration module. It should be set to:


TCA setting for itemsProcFunc

TCA setting for itemsProcFunc

In case the value from itemsProcFunc isn’t correct it can be tried to change the execution order from TCA/Overrides scripts by reinstall flux_elements (TCA/Overrides/tt_content.php should be executed last).



When updating to version 1.1.0 the Upgrade wizard from the Upgrade module should be executed. This ensures the card content element to be updated correctly.