Refer to TYPO3 documentation for further details on installing extensions.

Static templates

In an installation using container_elements, news, eventnews and ws_flexslider the following static extension templates would be included:

Included static extension templates

Supported extensions

Extension Version tested
bookmark_pages 2.0.1
container_elements 2.1.1
flux_elements 1.2.1
timelog 1.6.0
pp_gridelements 1.1.0
tt_address 5.2.1
eventnews 4.0.0
news 8.5.2
ws_flexslider 1.5.16
indexed_search 10.4.16

Structure elements

Currently the extensions gridelements, flux, and container are supported. It is strongly recommended to just use one from the mentioned extensions due to possible conflicts that might occur when using them concurrently.


After updating this extension in the extension manager the data base structure should be analysed in the maintenance module.



Upgrade tasks are only needed to be carried out in case breaking changes were introduced between the old and new release. Breaking changes are marked with [!!!] in the commit messages. The changelogs might contain a section listing introduced breaking changes.

The following upgrade descriptions are available:


For some extensions additional packages are available:

Development / Maintenance

During development or maintenance phase two actions might be of interest:

  1. Show under construction page
  2. Enable code debugging

To temporarily show an under construction page an url redirection might be created and the code debugging might be enabled by setting the site mode in the “PIZPALUE: AGENCY” category from the constant editor. The following site modes are available:

Site mode Description
Production Used when the site is ready.
Maintenance Used to temporarily debug code when site is in production.
Develop Used during site development to debug the code. SEO is limited. Used only when site has not been in production.
Review Used to review the site with the customer. SEO is limited. Used only when site has not been in production.


In case the site is not in production mode an indicator is shown on the page.