TypoScript configuration

In order for this extension to be usable, make sure to include the static template that is provided with this extension.

The TypoScript configuration should be generic enough to let you fine tune the rendering process to fit your needs. As an example, for a project I changed the rendering of the images to:

  • Add an overlay shown when the mouse enters pictures with the ALT label
  • Add a fancybox (lightbox) for the image whenever it got resized, but not when the image was not resized (does not make sense to show a lightbox with the very same image…
  • Do not do those changes for small inline images (say smaller than 100px width)

This is just a matter of playing with TypoScript, something you should love anyway as a TYPO3 integrator. Please note that the extension comes with a directory containing TypoScript snippets.


Need some ideas of what is feasible? Please have a look at a post of mine in Google+.

Available modes for the plugin

When integrating the plugin with TypoScript, additional modes of operations are available. These are:

Generates a table of contents
Generates the master table of contents
Renders a list of chapters updated recently
Generates the documentation itself
Returns the current chapter’s title
Generates a quick navigation with “previous”, “next”, “home”, …
Generates a breadcrumb menu for the current chapter
Generates a list of references within the whole documentation
Returns the name of the .fjson being rendered
Generates a search form

Additional Content Object

This extension registers an additional content object to let you access meta-information from your documentation. Example:

10 {
    path = {$plugin.tx_restdoc.path}
    field = copyright
    noTrimWrap = |Copyright © ||

Please read next chapter for a list of available fields.