Plugin options

The plugin options let you choose whether the content of the file (BODY), the table of contents (TOC), the master table of contents (MASTER_TOC), the quick navigation (QUICK_NAVIGATION) or a list of references (REFERENCES) should be generated. The table of contents is in fact a contextual menu for the current chapter, aka a “mini-toc” whereas the quick navigation shows previous/next links, typically after the content of the file, in a footer.

Flexform configuration of the plugin


Screenshot above shows a non-FAL documentation root. However, both syntaxes are supported, mainly to ensure backward compatibility:

  • fileadmin/path/to/documentation/
  • file:1:/path/to/documentation/

Search Form

A search form may be generated with option (SEARCH).


You must load the jQuery JavaScript framework yourself as the search form automatically includes a few JavaScript libraries that depend on jQuery.


The search results may show a context where the search term has been found within a chapter. Make sure to allow sources to be published (TS plugin.tx_restdoc_pi1.publishSources) if you want to take advantage of this feature.