Here you find information for integrators, e.g how to set up the hreflang.

Main Topics

Meta tags

The meta tags were automatically inserted from the page settings. Fallback for the social meta tags are already defined - FAQ.

Browser title prefix/suffix

Generally the sitetitle is defined in the TypoScript Root Template. This is the prefix/suffix for the browser title. If you wan’t to have a specific phrase for each language, look here sitetitle.

Extend news and other extension records

It is possible to extend other records like pages with seo properties. If this is done, the meta tag genaration will override the page meta tags, if the parameter for the detail view was found in the URL. More information here: Extend existing models.


All constants for the evaluation, like the minimum length of an description and so on are configurable in the extension manager (Extension Manager Configuration). Some max values were also used to define the max number of characters in the TCA. You can also define if the evaluation should be visible in the page module and at which position. You can say, which evaluators are available and you can write your own ones (Write your own evaluators).

If you want to hide the evalutation for some editors or pages, you can use TSconfig.

# user TSconfig
page.mod.web_layout.tx_csseo.disable = 0

# page TSconfig
mod.web_layout.tx_csseo.disable = 0


Use the static routes, to configure your robots.txt, see TYPO3 CMS Core ChangeLog.

User Tracking

Easily activate the user tracking via TypoScript, see Tracking.

TypoScript Settings Reference