What does it do?

Clickstorm SEO enables important on-page features for search engine optimization (SEO) and expands the page settings and extbase models e.g. with a preview for google search results.


  • Advanced page settings
    • Preview for search results on Google (SERP)
    • Focus Keyword
    • Structured Data (JSON-LD)
  • Easily extend any database record you like with this SEO properties (news, events etc.)
  • On-page evaluation of different SEO aspects (focus keyword, alt attributes etc.) and records (pages, news etc.)
  • href=”lang” support for extensions
  • add only specific parameters to canonical and hreflang
  • allow all languages for the x-default attribute
  • Define fallback images for Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • Backend module in AngularJS to edit the properties directly
  • Another backend module to fill empty alternative text of images
  • Tracking with Google Analytics inc. download tracking
  • Tracking with Matomo (Piwik)


Here you can take a look at the advanced page configurations.


In the second new tab called Social Media you can set some open graph or twitter properties.


Evaluate the On-page SEO of the current page you see in the backend. Try to reach 100/100.


The backend module gives you an overview and the option to change page properties directly.


Extend e.g. the news with SEO properties. So in the detail view, they are automatically shown.


Evaluate this records.


Add alternative text to your images.


Add Structured Data (JSON-LD) to pages and records incl. check for the current URL or markup.