Breaking Changes

28. July 2023

Change typoscript parameter

Rename TypoScript parameter settings.limit into settings.itemsPerPage. This also relates to the plugin settings where limit is renamed into itemsPerPage to.

Drop ViewHelper

As of version 8.x the SortViewHelper is dropped because its never used.

13. March 2021

Replace pagination widget by pagination API

Usage of f:widget.paginate is replaced with paginator and pagination objects with usage of Paginator.html partials.

Routes configuration

Routes configuration files are moved from /Configuration/Yaml to /Configuration/Routes

03. May 2020

Cleanup of plugins

Due to a more restricted handling of resolving controllers and actions in links every plugin is reduced to it's main data models. The following plugins are modified:

In consequence you need to check whether your pages are still displaying all information after upgrade.

There are settings for the link generation authorPageId, bookPageId, categoryPageId, seriesPageId to compensate reduced flexibility. Have a look into the TypoScript constants editor.

Cleanup of flexforms

The field settings.templatePath got removed with view.templateRootPaths.200. By this no extra handling for overriding templates is necessary anymore. But the new field needs to be filled to get it working again.

27. April 2017

Remove viewhelper

In favor of the core the widget viewhelper was dropped. Please replace 'sfb:widget.paginate' with 'f:widget.paginate' and check if configuration still works.

Template behaviour

Only valid template file type since version 4 are html files. Every other template file needs to be reuploaded.