Download via Extension Manager

In the TYPO3 Backend go to Admin Tools > Extensions. Change in the dropdown on the top left to 'Get Extensions', enter the extension key 'sf_books' in the text field below the headline 'Get Extensions' and hit go. In the result list install the extension by hitting the action for that.

Download via Composer

Add evoweb/extender to the require in your composer.json.

Enter on shell
composer require evoweb/sf-books

Include TypoScript

Include static file "Book Library" in your typoscript record or import in your sitepackage and modify the constants to match the page setup you have added.

Include Routing configuration

To have speaking urls you need to add the following import in your site config. This allows each of the plugins to render seo friendly urls.

     - { resource: "EXT:sf_books/Configuration/Routes/Default.yaml" }