The extension brings with the Services.yaml a registration of an EventListener on Extcode\Cart\Event\ProcessOrderCreateEvent.

As in the documentation for PDF generation, the TypoScript configuration plugin.tx_cart.autoGenerateDocuments can be used to define which documents should be generated.

This can also be overridden by the optional parameter $options with the EventListener registration.

    $orderItemRepository: '@Extcode\Cart\Domain\Repository\Order\ItemRepository'
    $persistenceManager: '@TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Persistence\Generic\PersistenceManager'
        order: true
    - name: event.listener
      identifier: 'cart-pdf--process-order-create--document-renderer'
      event: Extcode\Cart\Event\ProcessOrderCreateEvent
      after: 'cart--process-order-create--order-number'
      before: 'cart--process-order-create--email'

This makes it possible to generate different documents for different order processes. For example, only the order confirmation (orderPdf) for prepayment but the invoice (invoicePdf) for all completed payments with a payment provider extension like PayOne.

Currently there is only the option autoGenerateDocuments provides and array of the documents to be generated is expected. Analogous to the TypoScript configuration, order is set to true here to generate the order confirmation (orderPdf).