TypoScript Reference

Feel free to use the constant editor (go to: module template, root page, constant editor, generic_gallery) to edit this settings. Add a TypoScript template to overwrite these settings at any point in your site tree(s).

TypoScript Reference

Within this page


Property Data type stdWrap Default
view.templateRootPath string no EXT:generic_gallery/Resources/Private/Templates/
view.partialRootPath string no EXT:generic_gallery/Resources/Private/Partials/
view.layoutRootPath string no EXT:generic_gallery/Resources/Private/Layouts/
settings.gallery array no  
settings.gallery.name string no  
settings.gallery.template string no  
settings.gallery.itemTemplate string no EXT:generic_gallery/Resources/Private/Templates/GalleryItem/Show.html

Property details


plugin.tx_genericgallery.view.templateRootPath = string

Path to the templates. Overwrite these by using settings.gallery.template and settings.gallery.itemTemplate.


plugin.tx_genericgallery.view.partialRootPath = string

Path to the partials.


plugin.tx_genericgallery.view.layoutRootPath = string

Path to the layouts.