How to use Exif & IPTC

You need to install EXT:filemetadata and use an extension like EXT:metadata or similar to extract the meta data from your files and make it available via FAL properties. See configuration-template for more information on how to use the meta data in your templates.

How to add existing collections

It’s possible to disable inline editing of collection records in the plugin. Disable use_inline_collection in the extension manager.

Linkvalidator configuration

This extension adds some default page TsConfig in order to config the needed fields: /Configuration/TypoScript/pageTsConfig.ts

Preview is cropped / has overflow:hidden

This is a problem because of the Busy Noggin Framework (EXT:templavoila_framework ). It adds a BE CSS file (typo3conf/ext/templavoila_framework/core_templates/css/backend.css) which sets an overflow: hidden and height: 45px to all previews. Just copy that file, change it and add following to your pageTS:

mod.web_txtemplavoilaM1.stylesheet = ../fileadmin/templates/be_css/backend.css