Quick Installation

Target group: Integrators

Quick installation guide

T3Extblog can be installed quickly by using the constant editor. You need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install the extension via the Extension-Manager

  2. Include static template:

    This can be done on your root-page or in an extension template places on a specific page. Minimum requirement: T3Extblog: Default Setup (needed) (t3extblog). Do NOT include T3Extblog: Rss setup (t3extblog)! We will need this elsewhere.

    Include static
  3. Create a simple page structure for your blog

    At least we need a page for the blogsystem and a page for the Subscription Manager. We recommend to create an sysfolder for your blogposts to.

    Recommended page structure for quick installation
  4. add plugins to the pages:

    On our “main-page” we insert the plugin ‘blogsystem’ (see Administration manual for the other plugins we can use).

    Insert the "blogsystem"

    On our “subscription”-page, we have to add the “Subscription Manager”.

  5. Make Settings in the Constant Editor:
    Settings Constant Editor

See Configuration for all possible settings.


Except Twitter name and image sizes, all of these settings are mandatory!