Templates & Partials

t3oodle output is structured to several templates and partials (using sections).


  • List Displays a list of polls.
  • Show Displays details of a single poll. Here, participants can vote.
  • New Form to create a new poll.
  • Edit Form to update an existing poll.
  • Finish Displays form to select final option, to finish poll.

All other actions (create, update, delete) redirect to list or show action, by default.


  • FormFieldErrors.html Inline validation/error messages for form inputs.
  • Poll/
    • Administration.html Box below voting. Just visible for the poll author and administrators.
    • AuthorInfo.html Username/Mail of poll author.
    • FormFields.html All form fields a poll has (but options).
    • Voting.html Voting entrance point. Contains poll notes, the vote form and table.
    • Voting/
      • Box.html A single checkbox in voting row.
      • ParticipantInfo.html Username/Mail of participant.
      • Row.html A single row in voting table.
      • Summary.html Shows submit button for voting or displays final option, when poll is finished.
      • TableHead.html Table head of voting table.
    • Type/
      • Simple.html Options section for simple poll
      • Schedule.html Options section (with date picker) for scheduled poll