What does it do?

The extension fp_newsletter is designed to provide a newsletter subscription and unsubscription service for the table tt_address or fe_users which can be used by the extension direct_mail or luxletter. Furthermore it is designed to be compatible with the GDPR. A log is written about (every) action in a separate table. Old log entries can be deleted by a scheduler task. Note: there are more TypoScript-settings than FlexForm-settings. But the extension can be used without tt_address/fe_users too. Therefore an admin-email-address can be specified. The admin will then get an email with the subscription data. Google reCaptcha v3 or a mathematical captcha can be enabled too. There is a widget for the dashboard available. Available languages: english, german/deutsch, french/français and italian/italiano. The standard language is german, but english texts are also available.


One example view of a frontend page:

Frontend page

Subscription form.

Thanks to ...

Thanks to the fixpunkt werbeagentur gmbh, Bonn for giving me the possibility to realize this extension and share it with the TYPO3 community.