Database-specific issues

Native handler

The native handler currently does not support importing static data through the install tool or EM, the import will be incomplete in most cases.


Currently altering an existing column is not supported, as the underlying ADOdb library needs a full table description to do that, as on PostgreSQL you need to drop and recreate a table to change it’s type (this has changed in PostgreSQL 8, but ADOdb doesn’t support this yet).


Tests have shown you need to

  • enable ANSI quotes (SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON). This can also be done through the management console:MS SQL Server Management Studio (Express) -> Choose DB (context menu) -> Properties -> Options -> Miscellaneous / Quoted Identifiers Enabled : true
  • set the max text length in php.ini to a value higher than the default of 4kB; Valid range 0 - 2147483647. Default = 4096.mssql.textlimit = 5000000; Valid range 0 - 2147483647. Default = 4096.mssql.textsize = 5000000
  • Problems with persistent connections were reported, so if you run into trouble, disable them in php.ini
  • On SQL Server there are many options regarding the handling of NULL in comparisons. You can make "a"=NULL to return undefined, FALSE, or TRUE depending on a server config. Maybe this helps with certain problems…

More problems will arise, depending on the setup details. Further fixes and documentation is being worked on.