Required steps

The following steps are required to use frontend editing in a TYPO3 installation.

  • Install the extension

    1. Using Composer (recommended): composer req friendsoftypo3/frontend-editing or by downloading the extension
    2. Using the Extension Manager in Admin Tools > Extensions as explained in the Extension Installation chapter of the official TYPO3 documentation.
  • Add the static TypoScript template Frontend Editing to the site roots where the features should be activated

    TYPO3 frontend editing TyposScript

Optional steps

  • Set the baseUrl for frontend editing if server path is not a top directory. This is done by adding the following part to setup typoscript:

    plugin.tx_frontendediting.baseUrl = /
  • Include the static template Editable Fluid Styled Content v9, to include basic editable templates for Fluid Styled Content in TYPO3 v9.

  • Disable the Placeholder feature in the extension configuration. By disabling this feature, empty editable content areas will no longer with placeholders. When creating a new content element by dragging and dropping onto the page, a modal pop-up with a backend form will appear so that you can fill in the initial content. Available extension configurations