4.1.0 - 2016/01/27


In the next versions, the support for non FAL fields will be removed from the extension. This includes:

  • The relation "tx_news_domain_model_media"

  • The media renderers for Youtube, Quicktime, Videosites, Vimeo, Mp3.

All features which are still state of the art will be covered by using FAL and its features.

Important changes

This release contains mostly bugfixes but also some mentionable changes:

Support of Twitter Bootstrap

Additional templates have been added which are based on the popular framework Twitter Bootstrap. Those can be used by selecting the additional entry "News Styles Twitter Bootstrap" in the section "Include Static (from extensions)" in the template record.

By changing the following constants you can use those templates as base and add your templates on top:

plugin.tx_news {
    view.twb {
        templateRootPath = EXT:news/Resources/Private/Templates/Styles/Twb/Templates
        partialRootPath = EXT:news/Resources/Private/Templates/Styles/Twb/Partials/
        layoutRootPath = EXT:news/Resources/Private/Templates/Styles/Twb/Layouts/

Starting Point for Categories List

The category listing action Category->list checks now the setting of the starting point.

Improved RSS feed

The RSS feed contains now the tag <enclosure> which includes the url to the preview image:

<f:if condition="{newsItem.firstFalImagePreview}">
        <enclosure url="{f:uri.image(image:'{newsItem.firstFalImagePreview}',absolute:1) -> f:format.htmlentities()}"

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2016-01-26 [BUGFIX] PHP Warning: invalid method signature inheritance (PHP 7) (Commit 8608510 by Xavier Perseguers)
2016-01-26 [BUGFIX] LinkViewHelper is not compatible with PHP7 (Commit fd70c21 by Xavier Perseguers)
2016-01-12 [BUGFIX] Generalize class name (Commit 04c2c86 by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-19 [BUGFIX] Use correct class name (Commit 4dc5927 by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-14 [BUGFIX] Remove orphaned <span> tags (Commit 7a08668 by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-20 [TASK] Allow detailPid for datemenu action (Commit b0ade26 by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-18 [BUGFIX] Check pageInfo if valid (Commit 0828fa4 by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-17 [TASK] Add allowfullscreen to YoutubeRenderer (Commit f362479 by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-15 [BUGFIX] Replace wrapClickMenuOnIcon (Commit a04508c by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-12 [BUGFIX] Add HTML to make Disqus work for Twb style (Commit d656468 by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-12 [BUGFIX] Add HTML to make Disqus work (Commit 343a6fe by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-11 [BUGFIX] Enforce new row for each list item in case image taller than news text (Commit 063d7b6 by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-12 [BUGFIX] Follow standard capitalization practice for headers (Commit ef7429f by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-11 [BUGFIX] Balance TS braces (Commit 6519801 by Charles Coleman)
2016-01-07 [FEATURE] Starting Point for Categories List (Commit dc40a1a by Juan Manuel Verges Solanas)
2016-01-01 [BUGFIX] Use IconRegistry for ce wizard (Commit b158790 by Georg Ringer)
2015-12-20 [FEATURE] Support of Twitter Bootstrap (Commit bada000 by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-01 [BUGFIX] Replace call to deprecated ContentObjectRenderer->LOAD_REGISTER (Commit 5651978 by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-01 [BUGFIX] Fix test for simpleprevnext (Commit 13a5fd2 by Georg Ringer)
2016-01-01 [TASK] Adopt travis (Commit 0236bff by Georg Ringer)
2015-12-29 [BUGFIX] Use flushCachesInGroupByTag to flush page cache (Commit 49187b3 by Benjamin Franzke)
2015-12-08 [BUGFIX] Fix category removal (Commit 215b4aa by Georg Ringer)
2015-12-17 [BUGFIX] Remove unused legacy class from class alias map (Commit 0c93314 by Thomas Schlumberger)
2015-12-09 [BUGFIX] Respect more tags in newsrepository search (Commit c16829a by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-29 [FEATURE] Add tag enclosure to RSS feed item (Commit a9843b3 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-28 [BUGFIX] Remove double encoding in headerbar (Commit fee4843 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-28 [TASK] Use proper label in sys_category (Commit 5958cfb by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-27 [!!!][TASK] OverwriteDemand does not care about empty values anymore (Commit 3b7fe3f by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-21 [TASK] Fix CGL (Commit 4c320f7 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-20 [BUGFIX] Move iconregistry to ext_localconf (Commit 618bb47 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-19 [TASK] Travis notifications (Commit 4fdf212 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-19 [!!!][TASK] Remove custom preview handling of records (Commit ac1478f by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-19 Revert "[TASK] Add PHP 7 for travis" (Commit 96af09f by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-19 [TASK] Add PHP 7 for travis (Commit 8d2ca36 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-19 [BUGFIX] Fix travis matrix (Commit bf2e133 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-19 [BUGFIX] Fix tag generation (Commit cf0cc46 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-17 [TASK] Make use of the correct f:image properties (Commit 9f7a21d by Frans Saris)
2015-11-19 [TASK] Adopt showinpreview icon to CMS7 (Commit 2a34d4e by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-16 [BUGFIX] missing Tab label in sys_category (Commit b9afeb4 by Andreas Allacher)
2015-11-13 [BUGFIX] Class Cache Manager must work with CRLF (Commit 3bbf6f1 by Sascha Egerer)
2015-11-12 [BUGFIX] TCA correct wizard link definition (Commit b6f729c by Andreas Allacher)
2015-11-10 [TASK] Remove usage of rte_disabled (Commit bff8a30 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-10 [TASK] Fix deprecation issues in TCA (Commit 29636d6 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-10 [TASK] Update TCA for showIconTable (Commit 84552a6 by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-10 [TASK] Release of 4.0.0 (Commit 294df6d by Georg Ringer)
2015-11-10 [DOC] 4.0.0 Release (Commit ce12f57 by Georg Ringer)

This list has been created by using git log --since="2015/11/10" --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h by %an)' --date=short.