How to start

This walkthrough will help you to implement the extension news at your TYPO3 site. The installation is covered here.

Create the records

Before any news record can be shown in the frontend those need to be created.

  1. Create a new sysfolder and switch to the list module. (Of course you can also use an existing sysfolder or normal page).

  2. List view: Use the icon in the topbar “Create new record” and search for “News system” and its records. You should see “News”, “News category” and “News Tag”.

    1. Click on “News category” to create a new category. Insert as many categories as you want and use the field “Parent Category” to build up a category tree.

    2. Click on “News” to create a new news record. Fill as many fields you want to field, a required one is only the header.

  3. Administration module: Use the custom administration module which can be found in the module menu inside the section "Web".


More information about the records can be found here: news record, category record, tag record.

Add a plugin to a page

A plugin is used to render a defined selection of records in the frontend. Follow this steps to add a plugin respectively for detail- and list-view to a page:

Detail page

  1. Create a new page “Detail” which will be used to show the full news record. Insert the plugin “News system”. The 2 nd tab “Plugin” is used to configure the extension.

  2. Add a new content element and select the entry “News system”

  3. Switch to the tab “Plugin” where you can define the plugin's settings. The most important settings are “What to display” and “Startingpoint”.

    1. Change the 1 st select box “What to display” to “Detail view”.

    2. Save the plugin.

List page

  1. Create a new page “List” (or however you want to name it) and insert the plugin “News system” there again.

    1. The selected view is already “List view”. This is fine.

    2. Fill the field “Startingpoint” by selecting the sysfolder you created in the beginning of the tutorial.

    3. Switch to the 2 nd tab “Additional” and fill the field “PageId for single news display” with the page you just created before.

    4. Save the plugin.

Adopt the frontend

Load the List page in the frontend and you should see the news records as output. A click on the title should show the news record on the detail page.