If the project is composer based, then the first step is to add the extensions on the requirements.

composer req ifabrik/ifab-realestate

or in the composer.json

"require"      : {
     "typo3/minimal"           : "9.*",
     "ifabrik/ifab-realestate" : "*",

Non Composer

  • Switch on the Extensions module
  • On the upper left corner select the “Get Extensions” from the select menu
  • On the search bar, type: ifab_realestate
  • Click on the cloud icon and download the extension


The extension is delivered with TypoScript, which needs to be included.

  • Switch on the Template module
  • Go to your root page
  • Switch to the Edit the whole template record
  • Switch to the Includes tab
  • Choose the ifabrik Real Estate static template
  • Save and close