2.0.1 - 2020/06/04

* 2020-04-06 [Documentation] Changelog information added (Commit: 9a5be16)
* 2020-04-06 [Version] Version changed to 2.0.1 (Commit: bd09ba5)
* 2020-04-06 [Documentation] Website Link to automatic importer in introduction page (Commit: bd09ba5)
* 2020-04-06 [Documentation] Changelog added (Commit: bd09ba5)
* 2020-04-06 [Refactor] Various functions and database columns added in order to ease the automatic importer  (Commit: bd09ba5)
* 2020-05-03 [Documentation] Documentation Website added  (Commit: bd09ba5)

TCA Changes

Some TCA changes have been made in order to make the editor’s life easier.

The Attachment group value has now it is own table in order for the editor to only write the value once and be able to select it via a select dropdown.

Attachment Value

The very same thing happens on the Property type value

Property type