Examples File

Here you will find a few test files that you can use to test and better understand the function of the player.

The main video, the sign language video and the mp3 file with audio description must be in sync. This means that they all have the same timeline, so that you can easily switch between them at any time.

A typical sign language video shows the original video in the background and the sign language interpreter in the foreground.

The audio description is used as an alternative audio track. The audio track contains the original sound and additional text spoken by a narrator. Speech and audio gaps can be used to describe additional important visual information for blind and visually impaired people.

Warning: Please use the files only for testing and not for publishing on your website. We have taken the following url addresses from the a11y-plugin's demo code and can therefore not provide any information about the copyright (https://github.com/mediaelement/mediaelement-plugins/blob/master/demo/a11y.html). Use at your own risk.

Main video | mp4


Main video | webm


Subtitles file | vtt:


Note: Due to server policy, this URL cannot be used directly. Save the file on your web server and integrate it locally.

Video with sign language | mp4:


Video with sign language | webm:


Audio description | mp3: