Target group: Developers, Integrators

Minimal Example

  • It is necessary to include static template Proxy (walls_io_proxy)

This will set the path to our Main Template file, which can can change of cause:

tt_content.wallsioproxy {
   # Override our template, if you want
   templateRootPaths.10 = EXT:your_ext/Resources/Private/Templates/

TypoScript Setup Reference

You can change the templateRootPaths. See above.

Further you can change CSS file and our JS:

# Change CSS file
page.includeCSS.wall-fluid = EXT:your_ext/Resources/Public/Css/WhatEver.css

# Change our JS file
page.includeJSFooterlibs.wall-fluid = EXT:your_ext/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Wall.js

ContentElement Settings

After installation of walls_io_proxy you will find a new ContentElement in newContentElementWizard called “ Proxy”. On Tab “” you can configure the Output as follows:

Wall ID

Please insert the ID

Amount of entries to load

How many entries should be loaded with request? Should be a multiple of “Amount of entries to show”.

Amount of entries to show

This amount of entries will be visible displayed in frontend. With each hit on the load more button this amount of entries will be appended to the current visible entries in frontend.