What does it do? is a service to show you entries/posts of a specific topic or hashtag from various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your website. But as long as you don’t have a Premium Account (500 € each month. Date: 10.01.2020) you can not use their API and you have to accept their cookies while using their embedded iframe or JS file implementation. With walls_io_proxy no Cookie of will be set on client-side anymore, as we have moved all XHR/Ajax Requests of their JS file to server-side (PHP).

Our walls_io_proxy is no API and will not use the API of

As walls_io_proxy gets all data from now it’s up to you to create your own FluidTemplate for your social wall. We don’t support all their integrated Themes, Styles and Views. You have the data now, do what you want.


See walls_io_proxy in action.

Point Proxy in action