If you update EXT:walls_io_proxy to a newer version, please read this section carefully!

Update to Version 5.2.0

If you do not use walls_io_proxy as an API (WallsService) you can update to version 5.2.0 without any problems.

For all other users: WallsService::getWallPosts() expects an object of type PluginConfiguration now. Please update your code accordingly.

Update to Version 5.0.0

We have removed TYPO3 8 compatibility. No new features added, so no problems while upgrading.

Update to Version 4.2.0

As a WallId is not needed anymore, all previously created cache entries are invalid.

If you don’t like unused data in database you can remove them with following SQL query:

DELETE FROM sys_registry WHERE entry_namespace = ‘WallsIoProxy’;

Further you can remove all files in here:


Update to Version 4.0.0

Because of various problems with our PHP socket connection we will use the walls.io API now. That’s why you have to pay for Premium account. Else you will not get API access. Insert access token in Extension Settings

Update to Version 3.0.0

We are not using cloudfront in Fluid templates anymore. As we download all external resources now, you should update your Fluid templates to use the local file path.

Update to Version 2.0.0

As we have switched over from Caching Framework to SysRegistry, it would be good, if you remove the unneeded walls_io_proxy Cache Tables from Database.