What does it do? is a service to show you entries/posts of a specific topic or hashtag from various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your website. While embedding wall posts with help of iframe or JavaScript solution the website visitors will get Cookies and send personnel data like IP address to third party companies without their consent.

Our walls_io_proxy makes use of the official API of to retrieve the wall posts and caches containing images directly to your server. That way the website visitor do not need consent to show the wall posts. Further no cookies will be set and the IP address of website visitor will not be sent to 3rd parties.

Yes, walls_io_proxy is OpenSource and free to use, but you have to register for Premium Account at (499 € each month or 4.800 € (yearly). Date: 09.02.2022) to get API access.


See walls_io_proxy in action.

A wall example output Proxy in action