What does it do?

Mask is a TYPO3-extension for creating contentelements and extending pagetemplates. It is possible to add new fields to any backend layout and creating completely customized content elements without writing any line of code. Fields can have several types, for example: text, file, relations, richtext,…

Advantages of Mask

  • Mask stores the content in columns in databasetables - not in XML (Flexform)
  • Mask reuses existing database-fields to conserve the database
  • Mask only uses already existing features of the TYPO3-core and combines them: backend_layouts, fluid, typoscript, tca
  • Mask allows repeating content and nesting content elements with IRRE-technology
  • Mask supports multilanguage projects
  • Mask supports workspaces and versioning
  • Mask is written in Extbase, the modern way to create extensions


Backend Screenshot

The Backend-Module looks like this, after creating the first contentelement.