Unknown column uid

Prompt: Error: Unknown column 'uid' in 'where clause'

In case of any error:

  • Please cancel the launch. The form has a cancel and then a delete button.

Database seem's to be broken. Please analyze the database structure with the

  • maintenance modul > Analyze Database Structure (from TYPO3 9.5)

  • install tool (upto TYPO3 8.7)

If there is a suggestion like:

  • ALTER TABLE tx_gridelements_backend_layout ADD uid INT AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL

  • ALTER TABLE tx_gridelements_backend_layout ADD PRIMARY KEY (uid)

please disable

  • the extension from above (here: tx_gridelements_backend_layout)

  • the extension Launch it! (launch)

Please clean up the database. Remove all tables of both extensions.

Enable the extensions again:

  • first: the "third-party"-extension (here: gridelements)

  • last: Launch it! (launch).

If error isn't solved

Try to fix database manually by a tool like PhpMyAdmin.

You must

  • Check, if tables from above are removed completly. If not, remove it by PhpMyAdmin.

  • Enable the third party extensions.

  • Check the tables of the third party extensions with the TYPO3 database analyser. Try to solve any SQL statement.

  • If steps from above are succesful, enable EXT:launchstartgreen

Launcher should run proper now.