What does the extension do?

This extension allows you to display the vacancies you have created on the zvoove recruiting platform on your company’s website. The integration will be without using iframes which has many advantages:

  • The jobs and content will be indexed by search engines
  • There are no limitations with the design - style everything in your personal corporate design and anyway you like
  • You can create custom views and filtering options

Frontend features

  • Display your vacancies from zoove in a list- and single-view
  • Filter and search for jobs by title, city, distance, type of contract and department
  • Send applications for a job from an application form without leaving your website
  • Bookmark / wishlist function

Development features

  • High performance by complete caching of the jobs in TYPO3
  • Full Fluid integration, NO IFRAMES (!!) - including the media / FAL
  • Scheduler job for automatic synchronising the job-list with zvoove
  • Optional saving of applicant data in the TYPO3 database

Backend features

  • Backend-Module to display all jobs
  • Sync jobs manually or with a scheduler-task