• Here you can make some settings.
Property Data type Description Default
view.templateRootPaths.0 & .1 string

Path to the main template.


plugin.tx_camaliga.view.templateRootPaths.1 = fileadmin/template/files/
view.partialRootPaths.0 & .1 string Path to the partials of the template. EXT:…
view.layoutRootPaths.0 & .1 string Path to the layout template. EXT:…
persistence.storagePid int Storage PID of the Camaliga elements. Can be defined by the plugin too.  
features.rewrittenPropertyMapper boolean Use the rewritten property mapper? 1
settings.defaultStoragePids String / int

Comma seperated list of storage pids. This must be a subset of the storagePids. Makes only sense if you use an extended template.




plugin.tx_camaliga.settings.defaultStoragePids = 354,349
settings.defaultCatIDs String / int

Default categories. Only elements with this category will be shown. Can be changed in extended templates by the user.




plugin.tx_camaliga.settings.defaultCatIDs = 2,3
settings.listId int ID of the list page.  
settings.searchId int ID of the page where the search should be. See chapter Admin./Ext. templ.  
settings.showId int ID of the single page.  
settings.sortBy string

Sort by?


settings.sortOrder string

Order by?


settings.limit integer Number of elements to show (in list view). An SQL-parameter. 0=all. 0
settings.random boolean

Shuffle elements (random order, cached)?

0: no.

1: yes, shuffle the elements every time the cache is cleared.

settings.getLatLon boolean

Try to get the latitude and longitude from an API for every entry with an address but no latitude? Checks the GPS-coordinates of images in the create-action too.

0: no.

1: yes, search the position in the carousel, list, map or create-action. Use the API of Google. settings.maps.key must be set!

2: yes, search the position in the carousel, list, map or create-action. Use the API of Openstreetmap.

settings.onlyDistinct boolean

Show only distinct entries?

0: no.

1: yes, show only the parent element when there are childs available or show a child when there is no parent available.

settings.normalCategoryMode string

At normal templates: how to use the categories for a search?

and: and-mode.

or: or-mode.

overrideFlexformSettingsIfEmpty boolean

Override FlexForm settings with TypoScript settings if the FlexForm settings are empty?

0: no.

1: yes (works good, except for checkboxes).

settings.category.storagePids string Folder with categories. -1: all categories; empty: use normal folder.  
settings.category.sortBy string Sort categories by: sorting (default), tstamp, crdate, title or uid.  
settings.category.orderBy string Order categories by: asc (default) or desc.  
settings.img.width int Width of the images. Can be used in the template. Is used in the create-action. 700
settings.img.height int Height of the images. Can be used in the template. Is used in the create-action. 500
settings.img.thumbWidth int Thumbnail width of the images. Can be used in the template. 195
settings.img.thumbHeight int Thumbnail height of the images. Can be used in the template. 139
settings.img.folderForNewEntries string Folder in the default storage for uploaded images in the FE camaliga
settings.item.width int Width of an (carousel-)item. 195
settings.item.height int Height of an (carousel-)item. 290
settings.item.padding int Padding of an (carousel-)item. 0
settings.item.margin int Marging of an (carousel-)item. 10
settings.item.items int Number of visible items (JavaScript-parameter). 3
settings.maps.key string Google maps API key  
settings.maps.language int Google maps API language de
settings.maps.dontIncludeAPI boolean Dont include the JS with the Google maps API key? 0
settings.maps.includeRoute boolean Include a partial for a route planner? 0
settings.maps.clustering boolean Clustering of markers? 0
settings.maps.zoom int Zoom level for the next 2 values 5
settings.maps.startLatitude float Latitude for an empty map 50.0
settings.maps.startLongitude float Longitude for an empty map 10.0
settings.maps.tileLayer string Path to a tile-layer-distributor (OpenStreetMap) [OSM]
settings.maps.attribution string Attribution for the tile layers (OpenStreetMap) [OSM]
settings.maps.maxZoom int Maximum zoom level 19
settings.seo.setTitle boolean

Change the site-title on a single site?

0: no. 1: yes, set the title of an element on a single page.

settings.seo.setIndexedDocTitle boolean

Change the title in an sitemap of an single element?

0: no. 1: yes, change the title in an sitemap.

settings.seo.setDescription boolean

Change the meta-description on a single site? Does not work if the metaseo-extension is installed.

0: no. 1: yes, set the shortdesc of an element as meta-description.

settings.seo.setOgTitle boolean

Add the og:title tag to the header on a single site?

0: no; 1: yes.

settings.seo.setOgDescription boolean

Add the og:description tag to the header on a single site?

0: no; 1: yes.

settings.seo.setOgImage boolean

Add the og:image tag to the header on a single site if there is an image?

0: no. 1: yes, add the og:image meta-tag on a single page

settings.extended.enable boolean

Enable the extended template? See chapter “Extended templates”

The following 3 settings only affect, if this option is turned on.

settings.extended.onlySearchForm boolean Initially only show an empty search form? 0
settings.extended.restrictSearch boolean Show fewer search options? 0
settings.extended.radiusValues string

Comma separated values for the select box at the radius search.




plugin.tx_camaliga.settings.extended.radiusValues = 10,25,50,100
settings.extended.saveSearch boolean Save the search parameters in a cookie and load them later? 0
settings.extended.template string Default template to display when using the action “search”  
settings.more.setModulo boolean Add some modulo infos to each camaliga element? {content.moduloBegin} and {content.moduloEnd} will be set. This values depends on settings.item.items. See template Ekko.html for usage. 0
settings.more.addLightbox boolean Add a lightbox to the Galleryview-template? Can be used in other templates to like in Galleryview.html 0
settings.more.* mixed Many options for silders like Flexslider2, Slick carousel, Galleryview.  
settings.bootstrap.* mixed See at the FlexForms and/or the Bootstrap homepage.  


Here an example with some settings:

plugin.tx_camaliga {
    view.templateRootPaths.1 = fileadmin/template/camaliga/
    settings.defaultCatIDs = 4,5
    settings.showId = 410
    settings.listId = 402