It is not recommended to use this extension on productive systems. If you do make sure you have a current database backup and no editors working on your page.

After installation you need to include the TypoScript template in your root pages template.

TYPO3 11, composer-based

In a current composer-based TYPO3 installation you can install this extension like this:

composer req sbublies/gridtocontainer

The extension will be automatically activated.

TYPO3 10 and below, composer-based

If you are using TYPO3 version 9 or 10 require the fitting version:

composer req sbublies/gridtocontainer:"^10.4"

And activate the extension in Admin Tools > Extension Manager.

Legacy TYPO3 installations without composer

Download gridtocontainer from the TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository)

Upload it in Admin Tools > Extension Manager and activate it there.

Next steps

Have a look at the Quick start.