Only users with system maintainer rights can use this extension.

Go to the module Admin tools > Grid migration:

"Grid migration" Module

What grid elements do i have on my site?

Click on click here in the important notice box in the first step. After that the extension analyzes your page and also gives you first instructions.

Analyse the website

Migrate grid elements from gridelements layout key

Click on Migration form gridelements layout key in the dropdown to migrate all elements on the web page using layout key.

Migrate all from layout key

Clean up the database

Search in the database for content elements that still use the colpos -1:

SELECT * FROM tt_content where colpos=-1;

In most cases all content elements that had been deleted in TYPO3 can also be deleted from the database.


This step cannot be undone! Make a backup first

DELETE FROM tt_content where colpos=-1 and deleted=1;

Then make a database compare at Admin tools > Maintenance > Analyze Database.