• Fixes composer dependencies conflict regarding doctrine/cache [pull request; discussion]
  • Unifies expression language context for all usages [84cb085; 85c2455]
  • Differentiates cache for API resource according to site’s and API base path [f54843c]
  • Adds possibility to set different serializer context attributes for serialization and deserialization [bbf104d]


  • Implements support for CORS configuration [pull request] [doc]
  • Implements request processors and moves language handling into processor [2f9a75e]
  • Base development version on DDEV
  • Implements easy and safe way to assign current frontend user to records [56a38d7] [doc]
  • Adds support for RTE on serialization [3c09f5]
  • Adds support for password hashing on serialization [78dcbef]
  • Fixes current site resolver
  • Extends backend module by site selector [3389936]